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Default Yantram Tips on How to Pick Meaningful Japanese Tattoo Symbols

should know these meanings of gestures and use them carefully in order to avoid cultural conflict. A gesture stands for different meanings in different cultures. Business people
In the United States, people point to object and even at people with the index finger. Germans point with the entire hand with palms up. In much of Asia, pointing with the index finger is considered rude.
In some cultures, the gesture of "OK" means everything goes well; in Japan, it means money; in Mexico and Germany it means "I will kill you!"
In most cultures, nodding one's head is seen as agreeing, and shaking one's head is seen as rejecting. However, Bulgarians do the opposite. They shake their head when agreeing. In southern India, moving one's head from side to side is not a negation. In the business setting, a speaker may nod his head to affirm what he is saying. The listener may nod to show understanding and approval. Nodding can be a sign that the listener understands and that the speaker can continue with the discussion.
A lowered head in western culture can mean defeat or uncertainty. In Asian culture, lowering one's head may mean accepting one's place in the hierarchy, but it is also an indicate of intent listening.
Japanese managers frequently lower their heads and close their eyes during negotiation. Americans see this as a lack of interest or even disrespect. For the Japanese, this may mean natural listening behavior. In contrast, titling the head upward in western culture is interpreted as being arrogant.
Arm movements take up space. A speaker who uses big arm movement can intimidate the listener and appear more powerful. In most cultures, men tend to use large gestures than women. When a businessman from the United States wants to emphasize a point in a discussion, he may pound his fist on the table. Business women in the United States in the same situation use fewer arm and hand movements. However, compared with Japanese women, American women use very expressive arm movements. Japanese men use fewer arm movements than the men from United States. Personal space in Japan is limited and big arm movements could invade someone's private space.
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